Low Mileage Demilitarized Military Hummer Engines, Tires, Rims For Sale- HMMWV HUMVEE MRAP

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  • Low Mileage engines with no more than 30,000 miles.   Most engines under  12,000 miles.  These engines will go 300,000 miles.
  • Working, like new
  • Video Clips of each engine coming soon
  • Good for all General Motors Diesels pre Duramax Engine
  • Engines Can Be Retro-Fitted
  • We will ship anywhere.
  • World’s largest demilitarization of Humvee

The U.S. Army is demilitarizing much of their equipment, and we are exuberantly proud and honored to have been given the privilege to be awarded the largest government contract in history to help demilitarize the Humvees. Thousands of HMMWV – HUMVEE  tires, rims and engines, with less than 30,000 miles and most of them with 12,000 to 15,000 miles.  We also have  a small quantity of MRAP engines, tires, and rims.   Because the military does not want their used war machines to get into the hands of our enemies, (for understandable reasons we support) much of the vehicle  is turned into scrap metal however, as of the time of this posting, (May 5 2014) we have been given permission to sell engines, tires and rims.   We have just started ramping up production in our two new demilitarizing factories. We at The Treloar Group are proud to be a part of an era when war is giving way to peace, and we are thankful that the military has so entrusted our company with this honor.   These are exciting times, and you as the consumer will benefit with cheaper, low mileage,  pre-owned engines, tires and rims that are in standard sizes for many many consumer vehicles.   Let us be your alternative to new, rebuilt, or junkyards, with money saving combined with better quality. These tires, rims, and engines are low mileage parts that have been taken care of with the financial strength and intelligence of the U.S. military.  In short, rest assured, the military takes excellent care of their stuff.   Also, whether you are a U.S. citizen or not, the bragging rights are outstanding.  You will be able to tell tell your friends you purchased parts that were used by the U.S. military.  So join us as we release these parts to the world, changing their role from that of protection to helping people across the world, get to work, travel, grow crops, build schools,  transport school children, build bridges, skyscrapers, for less.   Whatever your world, your business, or your dream is, let us help you get to your destination for less.    

Please take a moment to look around at the things that are for sale, if you need one or one thousand,  you can get it here.