Battlefield 4 Humvee

The Battlefield 4 Humvee (or M1114 HMMWV), is a multipurpose transport vehicle used by the US faction in Battlefield 4 multiplayer. The Humvee — High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle — is a versatile and armored truck that can transport up to 4 soldiers in Battlefield 4 at the same time. The Hummvee is armed with a single .50 cal machine gun that can be operated by one soldier. The Battlefield 4 Humvee was first featured in the series in BF2, where it also was the main transport vehicle for the US side. The car has been in service since the mid 1980s, and is expected to continue its service until 2030. Over 300,000 M1114 HMMWV Humvees have been built to date. Compared to the Growler ITV, the Humvee is slower but much better armored. However, it’s less armored than the much larger MRAP transport vehicle.

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